About This Site

This site was created by friends of Sa-ard who live in and around Pai, Thailand. Some of us have known Sa-ard for more than 20 years and feel so grateful for his awesome art, his contributions to the community, his positive attitude, and his life choices that keep reminding us what is really important.

As mentioned in our page About Sa-ard, he is a staple of the Pai community who regularly hosts gatherings supporting other local artists at his Baan Pittalew Art Gallery, and who is known for his unpretentious authenticity.

These gatherings are what traditionally offered Sa-ard and other Pai artists a chance to show their work and make a living, but the COVID-19 pandemic put a near total stop to that opportunity. Even in mid 2022, gatherings are still forbidden and the level of visitors to Pai is not even a tiny fraction of pre-COVID levels.

With a few clicks in the gallery, you can own a one-of-a-kind original of his amazing work, order a postcard or high-quality print, or be publicly honored as the exclusive digital patron of one or more of his works. Make your move now to support sincere local independent art and be rewarded with something truly unique.

100% of the proceeds from this site go to Sa-ard and his family. If you have any questions you can contact Sa-ard directly as explained on our contact page.