We have a lot of experience shipping paintings and prints safely, both in Thailand and internationally.

When you order an acrylic or oil painting, or a large print on paper or canvas, we first protect the painting/printed surface using a layer of paper and roll the work up, with the back side of the work facing out. Note the outer 15-20cm (6-8 inches) of the paper or canvas will be white space that either ends up as your border or ends up underneath or behind any frame onto which you mount the work, and this extra canvas/paper is not counted in the image dimensions that you see when you purchase a work:

We then masking-tape the roll closed and then carefully slide the roll into a rigid PVC pipe of 5-15cm (2-6 inches) in diameter, where the pipe diameter depends on the size of the canvas and the thickness of the paint:

The PVC pipe strongly resists both crushing and moisture during transport. We then cap and wrap the pipe completely in another layer of thick shipping paper:

and seal the ends of the wrapped pipe with plastic tape to keep moisture out of the ends as well:

We then write the address directly on the paper and bring your work to the post office for delivery using your desired delivery service.

For certain enamel paintings that have a particularly thick texture, rolling to any diameter could cause the work to crack. In this case, we ship the work flat in a rigid wooden box. This will increase the shipping cost by quite a bit, but protects the surface.

For medium-sized prints (e.g. 13×19 inch), we follow the same multi-layer steps above, but use a shorter, thick, wax-lined cardboard tube that is capped at both ends:

For postcards and other small prints, we ship the work flat in a protective envelope.