Refunds and Returns

As explained in our page on packing and shipping, we take great care to pack your artwork in hardened and time-tested packaging, but if you are concerned about damage or loss, it is your responsibility to choose a shipping service with enough insurance to cover loss or damage by the shipping service or anyone (e.g. in case your shipped item is submerged in water or crushed so hard that it cracks the hard plastic shell in which we encase your artwork). In your Cart and during Checkout you will see whether the shipping service you selected can insure the full value of the package, and if not you can contact us before your purchase to explore custom shipping options that do.

We do not accept returns for any reason. We will only issue refunds if we make a mistake in our packaging that cannot handle reasonable shipping stress (e.g. something much less serious than submersion or plastic-crushing blows). We do not guarantee that you can cancel any given order once completed.