About Sa-ard

Sa-ard Nilkong was born in the north of Thailand.  He spent his childhood in the remote valley of the Nan River.  The Nan Province is surrounded by mountains and covered with forests.  It is a quiet and tranquil province, one of the most remote of Thailand.

Sa-ard returning to paint and teach in Nan province in 2020

After spending a considerable amount of his life surrounded by nature, working with his hands, and learning essential life skills from his parents and his ten brothers, Sa-ard embarked on a life-changing mission to seek out what opportunities might exist elsewhere in Thailand.  It was in Chiang Mai, the ‘Rose of the North’ as it is romantically called, where Sa-ard’s talent was discovered.  Among some of the most eager and dedicated artists of North Thailand, he was encouraged to expand on his abilities.

In 1980 he migrated south to Bangkok.  Living in the hustle and bustle of Bangkok was a huge culture shock to Sa-ard and it took a while to adapt to the new fast pace of life.  Nonetheless, after a short spell studying fine art among other talented artists, Sa-ard was noticed for his creative abilities and consequently accepted to the highly respected and acclaimed Silpakorn Fine Arts University of Bangkok.  He was chosen among 100 others from an entry list of several thousand. Here, after 5 years of teaching, he received a Bachelor of Fine Arts in 1988.

Sa-ard then escaped the big city to a natural and deliberate life in the mountains of Pai, Thailand with his wife and two children, living in a simple yet beautiful teak house and small gallery that he designed himself. Sa-ard’s house sits at the foot of one of the mountains that surrounds the Pai valley and creates its unique climate. He and his family live amongst giant bamboo, papaya, mango, banana, jackfruit, and lychee trees, and a lazy river passes through about 30 feet from the house. The kids, all grown up and recently producing the first grandkid, had a truly idyllic childhood thanks to their parents’ wise choices.

Sa-ard is a staple of the Pai community who regularly hosts gatherings supporting other local artists at his Baan Pittalew Art Gallery, and who is known for his unpretentious authenticity.

Sa-ard with his COVID-era work, Life in 2021

These gatherings are what traditionally offered Sa-ard and other Pai artists a chance to show their work and make a living, but the COVID-19 pandemic put a near total stop to that opportunity.

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