Digital Patronage and Backer Donations

Another great and very modern way to support sincere local independent art is to become the exclusive digital patron of one or more of Sa-ard’s works on this site. Digital patronage is a donation with prominent and permanent recognition on this website and some nice thank-you perks. You can become a digital patron instantly by simply clicking the “digital patronage” checkbox for any work of art here that doesn’t yet have a digital patron, and choosing your donation amount:

When you become a digital patron:

  • We permanently honor your support and your exclusive digital patron status on the page of this site where the art is listed by listing your name (or the name of someone or some organization to whom you’d like to dedicate the work of art, or “Anonymous” if you prefer).
  • Sa-ard will record a personalized video thanking you (and/or your chosen person or organization) for your support, and with your permission, we will also include the thank-you video on the page of this site where the art is listed so everyone can see how your support of independent art is really making a difference.
  • We will send you a high-quality print of the work on canvas as a thank-you gift, if you are interested.
  • We will send you a high-resolution digital image of the work as a thank-you gift, if that interests you as well (learn more about your rights in the image here).

If you like a given work that already has a digital patron, or you want to donate a smaller amount, you can instead check the “backer donation” option and donate as much as you like. When you become a backer:

  • We will list your name (or the name of someone or some organization to whom you’d like to credit the donation, or “Anonymous” if you prefer), on the page of this site where the art is listed, in the backers section. One artwork can have multiple backers.

Digital patronage is completely separate from ownership of the physical painting; each painting has at most one physical owner and at most one digital patron, and those can be different people. And in all cases copyright stays with the artist.

Digital patronage is not the same as an NFT. You make your digital patronage donation using normal, easy methods like credit card or PayPal and you do not need to know or do anything related to any blockchains or cryptocurrencies or crypto wallets. After becoming a digital patron, you will not receive any blockchain token or other instrument that is listed on any public ledger. You will not be able to resell your digital patronage on any market. Digital patronage is an investment in honest, human-based authentic artistic creation, but it is not a financial investment of any kind.

Although we do not currently have any NFTs, we reserve the right to sell each work on this site separately as one or more NFTs (or some similar technology that succeeds NFTs) in the future. By purchasing a physical painting, print, or digital patronage today, you agree that the Artist and (by agreement with the Artist) have the right to sell NFTs (or future technological versions) of the same work without notifying you and without compensating you in any way (more info).

We can guarantee that digital patrons will be honored much more prominently on this website. As someone who has shown humane, person-to-person generosity to support independent artists without any profit motive, your name (or the name of your choosing) will deservedly always feature prominently on this website above that of anyone who has purchased NFTs of the same works (if the name of NFT owners appears at all, which it likely will not, unless somehow required by the NFT listing technology).